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Glenfeshie Hostel - Essential Information


Access to the hostel is by the door to the South side of the property. There is a key box mounted adjacent to the door. A four digit access code will be advised to the party leader prior to your arrival. Please lock the key in the key box upon departure and scramble the code. It may be useful if you have a torch to hand if arriving after dark in order select the access code

Bed linen

All bed linen is supplied by the hostel and will be placed on the bed. At the end of your stay, please strip used beds and leave the bed linen at the bottom of the stairs.

Please leave unused linen on the beds.

Please leave the blue undersheet protector on the mattress after your stay unless they require changing.



Following the installation of an external chip wood fuelled biomass boiler house in 2014 the hostel is now fully centrally heated with radiators in all rooms. The heating is set to come on at 0730 hrs to 0900 hrs and then from 1600 hrs to 2200 hrs each day and can be extended as required from the controller in the stair well. Each radiator is also equipped with a thermostatic valve.

The stove has been retained in the common room and can be lit as well if needed. Fire wood is available from the shed in the grounds to the North of the hostel.

On the completion of any stay, the central heat should be left to run on its timer but care should be taken to ensure all doors and windows are closed to conserve heat.

The shower rooms, bedrooms and drying room also have standby electric heater and these sould be left off unless required.

Water Supply

Water for the hostel comes from a well below the hostel and is pumped up under pressure to the house and hostel. The water is filtered and treated before use. The isolation switch for the pump is in the four single bed room and is suitably identified. It should remain on unless there is an obvious need to switch it off.

In an emergency there is also a stop cock and quarter turn valve in the drying room (behind the washing m/c). These can be turned off in the event of any leaks or burst pipes being identified.

A large, modern hot water tank has been installed in the stairwell and provides ample hot water for showers and washing at a healthy pressure. The immersion heater is available as a back up and should normally be left switched off..

Fire risk

The hostel is protected by a fire alarm system which detects heat and smoke as appropriate. The control panel in located beside the fire exit at the bottom of the hostel stairs. In the event that the alarm sounds, please treat it as genuine and evacuate the building. If an outbreak of fire cannot be detected the alarm should be reset at the panel by following the instructions located there.

The most common reason for the alarm going off is following excessive smoke in the common room (the detector in the kitchen senses heat). If this seems to be the case then the room should be ventilated by opening windows prior to resetting the alarm.

A fire blanket is located in the kitchen area and fire extinguishers are located strategically around the hostel. Do not fight a fire unless it is clear that no one is put at risk. If in doubt evacuate and call 999.

There are two dedicated fire escapes in addition to the main entrance: one is at the bottom hostel stairs, the second is the escape door on the upper floor at the west end of the bunk room corridor.


Wi-Fi is available in the hostel lounge area. Access detail are posted in the hostel kitchen adjacent to the wi-fi unit. It should be noted that it is 4 1/2 miles from the nearest exchange to the hostel so although the broadband is suitable for checking emails etc large downloads wont be successful.

Waste management and recycling

Badenoch and Strathspey has now switched to a recycling service with general waste being collected one week and recycled items (into blue bins) being taken the following week. Items which can be recycled are listed in the kitchen area. It is vital that no glass or polythene shopping bags are placed in recycling bins as in doing so they will not be emptied. Please if possible minimise glass use (bring cans of beer) and take bottles home or recycle them at the drop off point in Kincraig. With the reduced collection frequency for non recycle refuse the hostel really does stuggle not to overflow bins which likewise will not be emptied. Please recycle as much as you can into the recycle bins (there is a yellow oversize bucket in the hostel to help with this). If everyone helps we will be able to avoid hiring a large commercial bin which I am sure no one will want to see in the glen and it will only add cost pressure to the business.


The hostel depends on a septic tank to treat waste which cannot handle solid objects such as nappies and sanitary products.  These items should be placed in the bins in the toilets or wrapped and placed in the wheelie bins outside. Likewise coffee grounds and the like should not be flushed down the kitchen sink.

Energy Conservation

Please switch off lights and heating (unless marked at the switch to be left on) when not required. Please check before departure that all lighting + the drying room dehumidifier are switched off - it may be several days before the caretaker arrives to prepare the hostel for the next party.


Entrance Hallway

The hallway contains a freezer  which can be brought into use as required.  After use, please switch off and then lodge door open to ensure ventilation.


Drying/Utility Room

The drying/utility room is located directly opposite the main entrance once inside the hostel.  There is a clothes rail and hangers to allow you to hang wet/damp items of clothing.  The room contains a washing machine and a coin operated commercial tumble drier. The washing machine requires four £1 coins to operate. The tumble drier requires a £1 coin per load. There is also a dehumidifier in the room.



The kitchen contains a halogen hob (please take the time to read the instructions in purple folder)  Cleaning fluid and scraper for hob are found under the sink.  There are also double ovens and large fridge.  The kitchen is fully equipped with china, glasses,cutlery, toaster, kettle, pots and pans. Please switch off the fridge and leave the door open on departure.

There is also a large freezer located in the entrance vestibule.

There is no cafetiere as its use tends to allow coffee grounds into the septic tank and these do not degrade easily. Instead there are coffee filters, a filter holder and jug.


Dogs are welcome providing it is made known at booking and their owners accept responsibility for their good behavior. The should be exercised off site and kept off the soft furnishings.


Emergency Contact Numbers

David or Anne-Marie Phimister

01540 651323
07729 115000 (David)
07720 432079 (Anne-Marie)